One of Landtran Logistics' signatures is the high quality of its fleet. All equipment is full maintenance leased, ensuring that we're always operating with the newest equipment. Our full maintenance leasing arrangements also mean that our customers are protected from down-time. If a piece of our equipment should happen to break down, it's automatically replaced with minimal down-time, meaning our customers' shipments are not delayed while we perform repairs. This arrangement significantly reduces risk for our clients, and we're proud to be to be able to offer this service.

Landtran Logistics procures equipment based on the needs of each client and project. We have a complete range of equipment at our disposal to suit virtually any requirement. Items in our equipment inventory include:

Transportation Equipment

  • Tractors
    • Tandem axle - sleeper cabs and day cabs
    • Single axle - day cabs and sleeper cabs
  • Straight trucks
    • 24 and 26' boxes - with tailgates and or railgates
    • Heated, refrigerated and dry boxes
    • Day cabs and sleeper cabs
    • Manual and electric pallet jacks
  • Trailers
    • Single, tandem, tridem and b-train trailers
    • 28', 32', 48', 51' and 53'
    • Dry van, heated van and refrigerated vans
    • Container chassis
    • Logistics tracking and double stack systems
    • Manual and electric pallet jacks
  • Linehaul Configurations
    • Turnpikes - 2 - 53' trailers - single or tandem converter
    • Rocky Mountain Double - 53' lead trailer with a 28' trailer - single axle converter
    • Triples - 3 - 28' trailers - single axle converters
    • Doubles - 2 - 28' trailers - single or tandem converter

Warehouse Equipment

  • Racking
    • Standard pallet racking
  • Handling equipment
    • Forklifts - 5,000 lbs, 6,000 lbs and 8,000 lbs capacities
    • Clamps - pulp, paper and product clamps
    • Carpet polls, fork extentions and reach equipment
    • Manual and electric pallet jacks

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