The owners, management and employees of Landtran Logistics Inc. recognize that the work we perform and the services we provide have both direct and indirect effects on the environment. For this reason we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint in order to maintain cleaner, safer communities for everyone.

We realize that the transportation sector has a responsibility greater than many to address fossil fuel emissions and to reduce its carbon footprint; we believe-more than ever before our corporate goals must be aligned with society's environmental goals.

Landtran Logistics has examined all aspects of our business to make positive changes. Here are some of our practices and accomplishments:


  • Certified Fleet Smart company (through Natural Resources Canada)
  • Newer fleet ensures newer, more efficient technologies and improved aerodynamics
  • Reduced fuel consumption (through speed reduction) reduces emissions
  • Speed reduction, prolongs engine life: fewer parts to landfills
  • Energy efficient motor vehicles and fuel efficient diesel engines
  • Longer combinations of vehicles (fewer tractor trailers mean fewer emissions and less wear and tear on our highways)
  • Anti-idling devices: auxiliary power units and in-cab heater technologies

Warehousing and Office

  • Energy-reduced lighting in buildings
  • Green Purchasing Initiative: preferring eco-labeling and green products
  • Waste miminization
  • Recycling: cardboard, paper, shrink-wrap and plastics, glass and cans
  • Warehouse Management System software reduces paper use and waste
  • Environmental education and training
  • Driver education for greater understanding of environmental issues
  • Smart planning of meetings and conferences to reduce footprint

Sustainability is our responsibility. We're always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment by embracing new technologies and practices.

Latest News

November 3, 2020

2020 Holiday Season Schedule

Landtran Logistics will be closed for the holidays from December 25th to December 28th and January 1st 2021.

March 17, 2020


Landtran Logistics Inc takes the health and welfare of our employees, our customers and the public at large very seriously and with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus known as COVID 19, we want to reassure you that we are doing all that we can to protect everyone that we come in contact with.